This section is provided for past and current grantees and provides information on resources to help sustain a culture of wellness.


Walker Tracker is an online wellness tracking tool, customized to meet your needs and motivate your participants through virtual map challenges and social engagement. It’s fast to set up, easy to use and accessible on the go (via the smartphone app or syncing with your fitness tracking device). Walker Tracker has worked to bring you a solution that fits your schools’ calendar year and engages your staff to participate in your school employee wellness program. 

As long as your school employee wellness program continues to meet benefit eligibility criteria, you will have access to Walker Tracker at no cost! In addition to your program’s wellness challenges, your program will get to participate in two annual OEA Choice Trust-hosted challenges between all participating districts/ESDs/community colleges. All employees of your district/ESD/community college are invited to use Walker Tracker, as well as their spouses and partners! Contact us to get started:


The following are key elements of a sustainable school employee wellness program after the grant to consider:

  1. Funding stability – how will your district continue to fund the program through a variety of sources after the final grant year?
  2. Partnerships – describe how your district plans to continue to build community support and keep the community engaged in the district’s wellness goals and leverage resources.
  3. Capacity within the district – how will your district integrate employee wellness into district operations and practices to ensure sustainability and create a culture of health?  How will the district continue to support staff involvement in planning and implementing the wellness program after the final grant year?
  4. Communications –How will the district continue to market/communicate the school employee wellness program to keep the staff and community engaged and involved?
  5. Evaluation – How is the district evaluating the effectiveness of your school employee wellness program to inform planning and communicating the value and benefits to your leadership and staff?
  6. Strategic Planning and Program improvement – How will the district continue to review and adapt the wellness program to meet the needs of school staff and community to ensure its effectiveness?


A guide to making employee wellness programs work for School Districts, Education Service Districts and Community Colleges.


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