These activities are best for individuals, small teams, or building staff. However, they could be modified into district-wide opportunities.



Fitness Blender Workouts
Free workout videos, including stretches and warm-ups
500 videos to choose from
Created by two personal trainers

Yoga with Adriene
Free videos on YouTube
20-30 min. sessions
30 Day Challenge series

Gaiam Workouts
Free videos on YouTube
Yoga, pilates, and fitness workouts
Options for various fitness levels

Pilates, cardio and targeted area workouts by a certified fitness instructor
Pop Top-40 songs for upbeat inspiration
Stretching videos

Healthy Living Monthly Tracking Document
Able to customize
Self-accountability for daily behaviors
Able to incentivize earning points

Healthy Recipes

Couch to 5K App
Free 8 week running program
30-40 min. workouts
3 recommended workouts per week
Tailored to first time runners

Relax Melodies App
Free background nature sounds for sleep/meditation
Auto-shut off and alarm modes


Walker Tracker
Team walking challenges
– School vs. school
– District vs. district
Personal walking challenges
Food and water tracking options

Workout Group
Host it in a school gym
Use free videos made by professionals

Well-being Bingo
Customizable template
Raffle a prize to the winner
Play “Blackout Bingo” for a longer challenge

Workplace stretching ideas

Establish a Hiking Group
Find a state park
Hikes list (by region, difficulty, )
Best Trails in Oregon List (whole state)

Boot Camp
Led by PE teacher or trainer
Strength exercises and aerobic activities
Modify exercises for different ages/fitness levels



Find local groups based on interest
Do outdoor activities with company
Low/no-cost for most groups

Meet My Dog
App for dog owners to find other dog owners in their area
Allows for scheduling meetings at dog parks
Allows for scheduling walks

Way for women to meet local women
Sort by preferences and similar interests
Chat feature enables scheduling without giving phone numbers



Host or Attend a Paint Night

Establish a Knitting Night

Start a Scrapbook/Memory Craft Club

Host a Board Game Night

Host a Quiz Competition

Start a Photography Group

Establish an Adventure’s Club

Start a Coloring Club



Headspace App

Calm App

Sattva Meditation App

Mindfulness Resources

Tips for Journaling


Host a Dog-Visit Day

Gratitude Tree Activity

Start a Meditation Group

Create a Compassion Buddies System

Start a Bucket Filling Group

Establish a Journaling Group

Start an Art Group

Create a Stress Busters Club



Write in a Gratefulness Journal

Gratitude App

Lumosity App


Develop a Workshop about Work-Life Balance

Form a Good Life Project Book*

Start a Better Than Before Group

Create a Mindful Parenting Group

Establish a Volunteering Club