Keynote Speaker

Tara Brown

The Connection Coach

Tara Brown is president of Learner’s Edge Consulting and an award winning educator, author and international speaker. She holds a Masters degree in Administration and Supervision and is a nationally certified personal trainer.

Known as “The Connection Coach”, Tara’s 30 year professional journey as a teacher and coach has taken her coast to coast and internationally working with both teachers and youth.

In today’s fast paced, non-stop world, adults are continually juggling personal and professional demands (i.e.: running from lions) and the stress can be overwhelming. We cannot fill another’s tank when we are running on fumes. In order to be our best selves, we must first identify our lions and figure out how to tame them.

In this humorous inspiring keynote, Tara, known as “The Connection Coach,” brings a unique perspective on life balance and lion taming. She believes strongly in the power of human connections to enhance the fullness of one’s life and to be a buffer against overwhelming stress. She will weave stories and humor throughout, as she explains the physical/emotional impact of chronic stress, importance of life-balance and provides strategies to inspire attendees to tame their lions, carve out “YOU-TIME” and find the zen that we all need to live our happiest, healthiest, most productive lives.