The Journey to Wellness Meeting was held on October 17, 2012 at Lane Community College. Being cognizant to grantee needs the meeting objectives were built around structured time for grantees to exchange ideas, share successes, problem solve and build a network of support.

  1. The first activity was Barrier Buster. This roundtable, facilitator led activity allowed grantees to discuss key barriers and collectively work together to break down the challenges.
  2. BJ Reed gave a motivational and inspiring presentation called Ignite Health!
  3. The next activity was Best Idea Swap. Grantees completed a worksheet before the meeting describing their 1-2 best wellness ideas that have made a positive impact on staff. At the meeting, participants explained and exchanged their best idea worksheets.
  4. Kay Zimmerli from Kaiser Permanente generously donated The Weight of the Nation DVD set to each grantee.
  5. The rest of the day was dedicated to team working time and allowing grantees to ask questions about the new grant application format and process.