These activities are best for individuals, small teams, or building staff. However, they could be modified into district-wide opportunities.

The first set of drop down menus is dedicated to activities for individuals or small groups. The second set focuses on activities that could be pertinent for a whole building or a more structured group.

Individual Activities

Physical Well-being

Fitness Blender Workouts
Free workout videos, including stretches and warm-ups, by two personal trainers

Yoga with Adriene
Free videos on YouTube by a yoga teacher

Gaiam Workouts
Free fitness, yoga, and pilates videos by certified instructors

Pilates, cardio and targeted area workouts by a certified fitness instructor

Starting a Garden: Guides and Resouces

Healthy Meal Prep Recipes
Includes vegetarian and vegan recipes

Healthier Pizza Recipes

Healthy Nacho Recipes

Vegetable Noodle Recipes

Healthy Vegetarian Recipes

Healthy Behaviors Tracking Document
Tips for Customizing the Healthy Behaviors Document

Month long documentation, can be customized



Social Well-being

Find local groups based on interest

Emotional Well-being

Tips for Journaling

Headspace App
10 free guided meditation sessions, more with subscription

Headspace for Educators
$12 subscription for teachers

Purpose Well-being

Write in a Gratefulness Journal

Create a Personal Mission Statement
Online form that develops a personal mission statement based on your answers

Building Activities

Physical Well-being

Start a School Garden
Use Starting a Garden: Guides and Resources for information about garden grant opportunities, how to start a school garden, etc.

Workout Group
Use free videos made by professionals

Well-being Bingo
Customizable template
Raffle a prize to the winner
Play “Blackout Bingo” for a longer challenge

Workplace Stretching Ideas

Establish a Hiking Group
Find a State Park
Hikes List (by region, difficulty)
Best Trails in Oregon List (whole state)

Fun Runs and Races

Fun runs and walks are a great way for for teams to exercise together! They also provide opportunities for colleagues in your organization to get to know one another, share a goal and form stronger relationships. Walking groups after school can be a great way to train for the big event!

If you prefer running on your own, these resources can help you find a race that’s just your speed; there are options from 5K to marathons. No matter which region of Oregon you live in, you can find a race that interests you!

The Oregon Brewery Running Series

Road Race Runner

Running in the USA – Oregon

Race Place – Oregon

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