This page is dedicated to webinars hosted by OEA Choice Trust. These webinars do not include the School Employee Wellness Grant webinar and the Mini Grants webinar; these two webinars are located on the grant program pages.

Elena Aguilar, the founder and president of Bright Morning Consulting, presented 12 strategies for building individual resilience, community resilience and cultures of caring and well-being. 

Lisa Collins, owner of Education Through Engagement, presents Strategies of Trauma Awareness and Resilience (STAR).

STAR introduces the topic of trauma, provides in-the-moment tools for self-regulation and shares tips for building your resilience.

Mettie Spiess, Certified Psychologicial Health and Safety Advisor and Founder of A World Without Suicide, was the keynote speaker for the 12th Annual Journey to Wellness grantee meeting.
Her presentation is titled “Crushing Stigma and Creating Mentally Healthy Workplaces.” Mettie shared practical, best practice strategies for creating supportive, stigma free workplace cultures. She also provided immediate strategies to benefit individual mental health and mental well-being.
Jess Lawrence, Director of Cairn Guidance, describes how school employee wellness (SEW) is central to the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) framework by interconnected opportunities and impact.
During a year of unknown procedures, outcomes and direction, how do we continue to make the case for SEW? How does employee self-care and wellness impact students and the larger school community?  
Futurist Steve Brown shared an eye-opening journey into the future of work, education and healthcare. Learn how new technologies, including artificial intelligence, 5G networks, augmented reality, sensors and other technologies will reshape our lives in the coming decade. 

Steve brings an optimistic view of the future and is renowned for his ability to share complex ideas and technological information in an easy-to-digest and memorable way. Using real world examples, beautiful images and stories of the near future, he will change the way you think about technological innovation and the opportunities ahead.