OEA Choice Trust

Inspiring schools to create healthy
workplaces for all staff

Group of people in workout gear smiling
Staff smile at the camera while painting their own canvases at a Paint Night event.
Custodian smiles while fixing a light cover in a school hallway


OEA Choice Trust is dedicated to promoting the total well-being of Oregon public education employees. We believe that all education employees, no matter their role, should have the support they need to be well – physically, emotionally and socially. Healthy worksites reduce employees’ stress, boost energy and morale and promote better balance in life – a win for all staff and students.


We think of our work as a journey to well-being that includes:

  • Grants and professional development for customized employee wellness programs for Oregon public K-12 districts, education service districts and community colleges.
  • Resources that include technical assistance, trainings, professional development and coaching that are based on healthy worksite best practices.
  • A statewide conference and other gatherings that bring together school employees, health advocates and educators to create healthy workplaces; network with each other; and learn how to connect their colleagues and communities to the benefits of school employee wellness programs.