OEA Choice Trust

Inspiring schools to create healthy
workplaces for all staff


The OEA Choice Trust Board of Trustees and staff provide expertise and resources to help Oregon public school employees create comprehensive and flexible well-being programs to build a culture of wellness that becomes the norm. The Board’s strategic directives include: OEA Choice Trust will have a lens of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) internally and externally. Board and staff acknowledge this is an on-going journey. OEA Choice Trust stands in solidarity with its plan sponsor OEA.  This is a statement included in a letter from President C. John Larson to OEA members June 2, 2020:  “OEA stands in solidarity with those fighting against our country’s long history of racism and oppression, and we are committed to challenging the systemic problems that continue to allow violence and harm against people of color. We will continue to evaluate how our organization can use our power and our privilege to combat the systemic racism that continues to claim black and brown lives, and we will continue to say Black Lives Matter.” 


OEA Choice Trust is dedicated to promoting the total well-being of Oregon public school employees. We believe that all school employees, no matter their role, should have the support they need to be well – physically, emotionally and socially.  Healthy worksites reduce employees’ stress, boost energy and morale and promote better balance in life – a win for all staff and students.


We think of our work as a journey to well-being that includes:

  • Grants, scholarships and professional development for customized employee wellness programs for Oregon public K-12 districts, education service districts and community colleges.
  • Resources that include technical assistance, trainings, professional development and coaching that are based on healthy worksite best practices.
  • A statewide conference and other gatherings that bring together school employees, health advocates and educators to create healthy workplaces; network with each other; and learn how to connect their colleagues and communities to the benefits of school employee wellness programs.


February 2020 OEA Choice Trust announces Employee Wellness Grant Funding Opportunity. OEA Choice Trust staff will be available by phone and email to address any questions and clarify grant requirements. Please contact Asta Garmon at asta@oeachoice.com or 503.495.6290.
May 18, 2020 Deadline for receipt of full grant applications with required signatures
May-June 2020 Evaluation Review Period by OEA Choice Trust Team

June 2020

Proposals presented to OEA Choice Trust Board of Trustees for review and grant award decisions
June 2020 Announcement of School Employee Wellness Grant awards
June 2020 Award letters and Terms and Agreement forms mailed
July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021 Interim Progress Reports and End of Grant Year Reports are due each grant year. Continued funding is contingent on receipt of all grant reports and OEA Choice Trust Board of Trustees’ review and continued award funding decisions.