OEA Choice Trust offers two types of grants to support Oregon School Employee Wellness programs. The first is a 3-5 year grant, the School Employee Wellness Grant. The second is Mini Grants, a short term grant that can be used to sustain an established SEW program.

OEA Choice Trust has years of expertise and experience working with school districts, Education Service Districts (ESDs) and community colleges across the state to create healthy school environments. The SEW Grant provides up to $100,000 over a 3-5 year grant period.

Learn more about eligibility and completing the application on the SEW Grant page. You can also view the SEW Grant Webinar for a walk through of the application process.

Mini Grants are one of the Trust’s newest initiatives. Mini Grants are intended to help Oregon school districts, ESDs and community colleges to sustain their established SEW programs.

You do not have to be a past grantee of OEA Choice Trust to apply for this grant, though we encourage you to apply for an School Employee Wellness Grant if you have not already been awarded. (If you are currently awarded an SEW grant, you will not be eligible for a Mini Grant until the SEW grant period is completed.)

Mini Grants will be awarded twice per year; up to $5,000 can be awarded.