OEA Choice Trust is proud to host free events throughout the year. These events, tailored to the needs and interests of Oregon education employees, include an annual conference and virtual events. Recordings of past events can be found on the Webinars page.

2022 Journey to Wellness

Each year, OEA Choice Trust convenes an annual meeting for current grantees and those past grantees receiving Walker Tracker. The purpose of this meeting is to create an engaging environment where attendees can learn effective education employee well-being strategies, exchange ideas, brainstorm solutions to challenges, celebrate successes and build a network of colleagues for inspiration and support. 

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School Employee Wellness Conference

The annual Oregon School Employee Wellness Conference is a conference that aims to educate, engage, and empower educators and school staff to create healthy, resilient workplaces. The conference has become a trusted source for quality professional development and networking. It brings together national, state, and local experts that share practical information and tools to start and sustain education employee well-being.

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