Effective wellness programs can help employees take better care of themselves and foster resilience to buffer the negative effects of stress. Students also benefit from educational employee well-being because healthier staff members are more engaged, absent less often and more effective when it comes to helping students achieve success.

This page is dedicated to resources that can help you make the case for starting or strengthening your Education Employee Well-being program.

This infographic was created to help make the case for  School Employee Wellness programs.

This position paper by OEA Choice Trust examines the chronic stress and low morale that have become so pervasive in today’s school communities. It also explores the power and potential of fostering resiliency and the key role it can play in reducing stress and improving health and well-being across an entire school system.

This brief by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation examines the causes and consequences of teacher stress. It highlights efforts to reduce teacher stress and makes recommendations in research, practice, and policy to ensure schools are healthier places for teachers and students.

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Handouts About the Benefits of Education Employee Well-being Programs
Though the benefits of each school employee wellness program are different, they can have a sizable impact on employees, students, schools and communities. Read about more reasons to start a school employee wellness program in your organization.

Benefits for Staff

Benefits for Leadership

Catalyst for Improved Community Health

Working Well at School Brochure

OEA Choice Trust’s Working Well at School brochure is tailored to raise awareness about the value of promoting school employee wellness. It also doubles as a poster for your staff rooms!