OEA Choice Trust aims to serve all Oregon districts, ESDs and community college by providing free resources for developing, growing and sustaining School Employee Wellness programs.

Different Wellness Resource Pages

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The Why SEW page houses information about why School Employee Wellness programs are so important. These resources can be used to make the case to administrators, school boards and others that School Employee Wellness programs are a good investment.
Team Meeting
The Program Planning page contains resources for planning, developing and implementing an engaging, effective program. Key resources on this page include the Staff Wellness Needs and Interests Survey, the Annual SEW Program Survey and Employee Health, Well-being and Resilience Model.
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OEA Choice Trust grantees receive benefits as part of their grant award. Learn about the Journey to Wellness grantee meeting, Walker Tracker and grantee Zoom discussions on this page.
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Over the years, OEA Choice Trust grantees have created great resources for their School Employee Wellness programs. These have been turned into easy-to-use resources for wellness coordinators and wellness teams.
Group of senior people in yoga class
The Resource Library houses activities, TED Talks, articles, books and podcasts related to the five elements of individual well-being: physical, social, emotional, purpose and financial.
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OEA Choice Trust webinars that are not related to the School Employee Wellness Grant or Mini Grants are housed on this page.
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The OEA Choice Trust blog is one way the Trust shares evidence based information and news. Blog post topics have included forest bathing, digital detoxes and the benefits of practicing gratitude.
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OEA Choice Trust’s Success Stories feature grantee stories – their goals, challenges and achievements! Learn what’s possible and what’s been done by reading the Success Stories.
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The Other Resources page is dedicated to resources that are not created by OEA Choice Trust or grantees but are still valuable tools for developing a strong, successful program.