The purpose of the Mini Grant Award is to sustain established School Employee Wellness programs with funding up to $5,000. Mini Grant funds are to be used to promote school employee health, well-being and resilience using the OEA Choice Trust Framework of Proven Strategies and Best Practices as a guide. Mini Grant Awards are meant to boost the current efforts of your program or help you develop and implement new parts of your program.


Spring 2023 applications are due by the third Friday in February, February 17.

Fall 2023 Mini Grant applications are due by the third Friday in October, October 20.

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Mini Grants are for sustaining established Education Employee Well-being programs.

Your program must meet specific criteria for at least one year prior to applying to be eligible. Please read the eligibility criteria section in the Grant Application and Application Overview carefully and clearly demonstrate how your program meets each item.

Mini Grant awards are for up to $5,000.

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Note for Charter Schools:

Eligible charter schools must demonstrate that their charter was established from an entire public school district converted to charter school status. Interested charter schools are required to submit documents proving eligibility to confirm that they meet the newly created criteria to apply for a grant. Before applying, please contact Arien Bates at



Contact Arien Bates:

Calendly – schedule a 15 min. meeting

Email –

Resources for Developing a Strong Application