Each year OEA Choice Trust convenes an annual grantee meeting to create an engaging environment where attendees can learn effective school employee wellness strategies, exchange ideas, brainstorm solutions to challenges, celebrate successes and build a network of colleagues for inspiration and support.

Journey to Wellness 14

We are excited to host Dr. Han Ren for Journey to Wellness this year, which will be held on October 20 at the Evergreen Lodge in McMinnville. Dr. Ren will explore how shame impacts us at work and how true community can help us heal.

As a reminder, this event is by invitation only. All current OEA Choice Trust Education Employee Well-being grantees and past grantees accessing Walker Tracker are required to attend. A maximum of three people from invited grantee organizations may attend.

For registration information, as well as travel and substitute reimbursement, please email

Three people at a table talking


9:00 am – Welcome and Introductions

9:15 am – What’s New at OEA Choice Trust

9:30 am – Overview of the Day

9:45 am – Dr. Han Ren – “Transforming Shame to Guilt”

10:45 am – Break

11:00 am – Facilitated Activities with Dr. Han Ren

12:00 pm – Lunch

12:55 pm – Movement Activity

1:00 pm – Walker Tracker Announcements

1:15 pm – Networking Activity

2:45 pm – Closing Reflections and Thoughts

3:00 pm – End the Day

Three people at a table talking

Keynote Bio

Dr. Han Ren is a licensed clinical and school psychologist, consultant, speaker and educator based in Austin, Texas. She is deeply rooted in liberation and anti-oppressive work, practicing from a justice-oriented, interpersonal, and systems-informed framework.

Through her widely viewed content on social media, she strives to make therapy accessible and applicable to our daily lives. Dr. Ren addresses the pursuit of collective healing through her work and activism centered in historically overlooked communities.

When she’s not in the therapy chair, you can find her laughing with family and friends, caffeinating with black coffee, dancing offbeat to live music and Peloton-ing.