OEA Choice Trust has years of expertise and experience working with school districts, education service districts and community colleges across the state to create healthy school environments. The resources on this page offer best practices and proven strategies based on national worksite wellness research to help you create or strengthen your employee wellness program. Click on the buttons below to learn more.

Fostering Healthy, Resilient Schools to Address Chronic Stress - White Paper

Fostering Health, Resilient Schools to Address Chronic Stress – This white paper by OEA Choice Trust examines the chronic stress and low morale that have become so pervasive in today’s school communities – its causes and the toll it has on all involved. It also explores the power and potential of resiliency and the key role it can play in reducing stress and improving outcomes across an entire school system.

*OEA Choice Trust would like to extend sincere thanks to all of our colleagues and thought partners who helped make this important work a reality and are out there every day making a difference for educators, students and communities across Oregon. They include: Lennie Bjornsen, Lindsey Capps, Dr. Aimee Clott, John Lenssen, Dr. Colleen Mileham, Dr. Vicki Nishioka, Dr. Rob Roeser, Aeylin Summers, Erin Whitlock, Dr. Jeffery Sprague, Holly Spruance, Inge Aldersebaes, and Jon Bell.

Benefits of School Employee Wellness Programs

Though the benefits of each school employee wellness program are different, there can be a sizable (and even life changing) impact for employees, students, schools, and communities. Read about more reasons to start a school employee wellness program in your organization.

Benefits for Staff

Benefits for Leadership

Catalyst for Improved Community Health

School Employee Health and Well-being Model

The School Employee Well-being Model reflects the Trust’s holistic approach to well-being. By incorporating multiple elements of well-being into an employee wellness program, your organization can more strongly support employee well-being and resilience. Creating a culture of well-being, practicing healthy behaviors as a staff, and making positive workplace changes can all support employee health and well-being. Adding support and resources from community partners can make your program even stronger!



The Blueprint is a guide lays out six important steps for creating a successful employee wellness program. OEA Choice Trust wrote this to help grantees develop a new program from scratch or strengthen an existing program that may just need a little more attention to achieve real success.

Each section of the Blueprint has a “tool-kit” of resource links that go with each step.

Blueprint for School Employee Wellness

Framework of Proven Strategies and Best Practices

This guide was created to provide a road map for planning a robust school employee wellness initiative that is
anchored in proven strategies and best practices to promote the health, well-being and resilience of school

Framework of Proven Strategies and Best Practices

Staff Needs and Interest Survey

Before starting a program, it’s important to determine the interests and needs of your school employees across your entire district. Giving a staff needs and interest survey can provide you with valuable information to maximize your planning efforts and increase staff engagement in your program. Consider using OEA Choice Trust’s staff needs and interest survey if you’d like!

Staff Needs and Interests Survey

Staff Needs and Interests Survey – PDF

Working Well at School Brochure

This health and well-being brochure is tailored toward school employees. It also doubles as a poster!

Working Well at School

Employee Wellness Newsletter

One way to communicate information, share employee and program success stories, and promote new or upcoming wellness events is an employee wellness newsletter! Read through the OEA tip sheet for creating your own.

Tips for Writing a School Employee Wellness Newsletter

If you explore the Partner Resources page, you might find articles, resources, or ideas for your newsletter. If you borrow something, please remember to give credit to your source!

Regarding Stress

Because stress is directly linked to employee well-being and resilience, it’s valuable to consider adding stress management workshops or stress busting activities to your program. The articles below can help you learn more about job-related stress.

Reaching a Boiling Point – This article from Today’s OEA discusses how important stress management and resiliency are to teacher and student success. With anecdotes about successful wellness programs and tips for stress management, the article highlights how well-being helps employee retention and prevents burnout.

Teacher Stress and Health – This brief by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation examines the causes and consequences of teacher stress, highlights efforts to reduce it, and makes recommendations in research, practice, and policy to ensure schools are healthier places for teachers and students.

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