These activities are best for individuals, small teams, or building staff. However, they could be modified into district-wide opportunities.

The first set of drop down menus is dedicated to activities for individuals or small groups. The second set focuses on activities that could be pertinent for a whole building or a more structured group.

OEA Choice Trust recommends content on its website. This does not constitute an official endorsement of said authors or programs.

Individual Activities
Physical Well-being

Healthy Meal Prep Recipes
Includes vegetarian and vegan recipes

Fitness Blender Workouts
Free workout videos, including stretches and warm-ups, by two personal trainers

Yoga with Adriene
Free videos on YouTube by a yoga teacher

Gaiam Workouts
Free fitness, yoga, and pilates videos by certified instructors

Pilates, cardio and targeted area workouts by a certified fitness instructor

Healthy Behaviors Tracking Document
Tips for Customizing the Healthy Behaviors Document

Month long documentation, can be customized

Couch to 5K App
Free 8 week running program

Social Well-being

Find local groups based on interest

Emotional Well-being

Headspace App
10 free guided meditation sessions, more with subscription

Tips for Journaling

Purpose Well-being

Write in a Gratefulness Journal

Create a Personal Mission Statement
Online form that develops a personal mission statement based on your answers

Building Activities
Physical Well-being

Start a School Garden
Use Starting a Garden: Guides and Resources for information about garden grant opportunities, how to start a school garden, etc.

Workout Group
Use free videos made by professionals

Well-being Bingo
Customizable template
Raffle a prize to the winner
Play “Blackout Bingo” for a longer challenge

Workplace Stretching Ideas

Establish a Hiking Group
Find a state park
Hikes list (by region, difficulty, )
Best Trails in Oregon List (whole state)